The purpose of this website is to provide resource material such as talk outlines, background information, historical contexts, doctrinal statements, catechism references, etc., for the use of RCIA team members to assist them in implementing RCIA programs in their parishes.

Our team has accumulated a considerable amount of background material that can be of assistance in preparing discussions and talks, and this can be accessed at the top navigation. Talks and outlines of talks on various topics are available at their respective links on the top navigation. The former are outlines of almost three dozen talks arranged in a uniform format. The written out talks were prepared by various team members. In some cases more than one talk is available for a particular topic.

Several types of background material are provided:

  • material from the Catechism presented in a question and answer format
  • scripture background that covers both testaments
  • tradition background that covers early Church documents and Fathers of the Church
  • an appendix which lists the Ten Commandments, the Precepts of the Church, the Beatitudes, characteristics of the sacraments, classifications of sins and virtues,standard Catholic prayers, how to say the rosary, etc.


This website was established on St. Patrick’s day, anno Domini 2005, to share some of our parish (St. Joseph, Columbia, SC) resources with other RCIA programs. It provides outlines of my 32 talks for presentation at meetings with Candidates and Catechumens, plus several other written out talks from our team members. It also posts material from the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) rewritten in the Baltimore Catechism question and answer format for these same 32 topics. The story behind the preparation of this Catechism is given at the Personal Note category of the drop-down menu at the tab [Appendix]. In addition we provide supplementary background material regarding scripture, tradition, sacraments, and other topics. The original rather amateurish website design was prepared by myself with help from my son Michael, and it was refurbished to a more modern format by Raphael Mabasa of LocalEdge during October 2012. Most of the material posted here had been ably edited by Doris Christley.


My other website www.faithseekingunderstanding.com contains a great deal of
additional background material useful for RCIA.