What Inspires Me to Start and Run a Business?

If you asked me about what I wanted to become a few years ago, being a businessman was the last thing that ever came to my mind, but after discovering the benefits derived from business, I fell in love with business, and nothing can come between me and business. In fact, the idea never crossed my mind, and I never considered it to be such a massive source of income. The irony is that I did not become a medical doctor or a university professor, which I desired to be, out of ignorance, that is. So, how did I find myself in the business world never to regret? Well, it was because of pull factors (for instance, a Self Serve Beer counter). I mean, you can give a lot of other options a try, and craft beer is definitely one of the main factors I myself would be pulled towards a business especially if they serve chill beer and have a Chilled Freight to deliver it to their business fresh! I say so because I only have good things to say about starting and running a business. Nothing pushed me at all.

Furthermore, due to recent advancements in software, it has become a little easier for businesses to run smoothly without any major setbacks. For example, starting a retail business could be the best option, but it requires a significant amount of effort and labor on the owner’s part. As a result, to overcome these minor setbacks, businesses have begun to rely on smart retail iot platforms like Vantiq to stay competitive (let alone get ahead) and steadily expand their reach, rather than the traditional database-centric approach. Enterprises are gradually shifting toward real-time applications, which operate in real-time, sensing, analyzing, and acting on streaming data as it occurs. In contrast, a database-centric application consumes data and stores it in a database (cloud or on-premise) for future analysis.

Financial Security

Everyone, including myself, dreams of making moolah. But not everyone understands that there is no better way to make money than starting and running a business. While there are people who believe in pursuing career paths and employment, I can tell you for sure that money is in business. Tell me one of the richest people in the world that does not run a business. From Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Warren Buffet to Mark Zuckerberg, Bernard Arnault, and Larry Ellison, all these people run businesses, and they are employers rather than employees. So, what better way to make money than operating a business? I know of my 10 friends who decided to pursue careers in different fields, including law, medicine, engineering, and teaching, but none of them has even half the bankroll I have. I’m not boasting, so don’t get me wrong. All I want is to help you understand that a profitable business will bring in money.

Job Security and Flexibility

Forget about being employed by a big firm or the government; running a business simply means being self-employed. With my restaurant, I have job security that I could not find elsewhere. I work on my own terms, and there is no single day I have ever been worried that anyone can dismiss me since I’m my own boss. Instead, I hire and fire. I appear at my hotel when I want, and no one questions me. My schedule is as flexible as you could ever imagine, and I do what I want as long as it is in the best interest of my business. I can implement my business concepts without worrying about what others might think. From adopting new bar menu ideas to establishing a new branch, I can take any decision that could take my business to another level.

The Need to Address a Need in My Community

One of the reasons I started a restaurant business is because there was a shortage of restaurants in my local town, while the demand for the same was so high. By addressing the needs of people in the community, I feel that I’m adding a lot of value to the lives of people in my community, as well as visitors. And while I don’t run a first-class restaurant, I’m hoping that I will get there someday, since the writing is already on the wall.

Another need in the community which I feel I’m helping address is unemployment. My local town is a populous urban area with lots of educated, jobless youths. Thankfully, I have employed at least 30 of them and I plan to increase the number once the business grows to accommodate more workforce. Having been born and raised in a poor family, I understand what unemployment means. My parents did not have a stable job themselves, but thank God they managed to raise me with the meager wages they earned working on other people’s farms. It is a story I never want to delve into. So, the least I can do is to create jobs for the jobless.

It Keeps Me Busy

If there is one thing I hate (sorry if ‘hate’ is a harsh word) is being idle. It is not healthy at all. With my business, the fact is that I’m always busy, doing this or that. Thus, I’m rarely just sitting and relaxing the whole day unless it is completely unavoidable. As a matter of fact, sedentary life is not healthy at all and can result in lifestyle health problems, such as being overweight and stressed.

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