How To Keep Your Employees Happy at Work

Every business wants happy employees.  It keeps them motivated, increases their productivity, and can even improve their work quality.  But what do you do to keep your employees happy at work?

Most people are afraid to admit it, but when you’ve got a great employee and the boss is not doing much to keep them happy (or worse, is actively hurting them), you’ll know it.  You’ll get your hands dirty and do whatever it takes to keep your people happy at work.  And, in turn, they’ll do everything in their power to help you succeed.  Today, as a business owner, you’re responsible for your employees’ happiness.

Here are 8 tips to keep your employees happy at work.

  1. Have a fun office.  It makes people smile, and it can mean the difference between a good employee and a great one. 
  2. Harness the power of social media.  It can make your office more fun and accessible for employees. 
  3. Organize an office party.  It can show employees that you care about them, and it can be fun for everyone.
  4. Hold regular office gatherings.  They can boost morale and give you a chance to clarify policies and share your vision for the company. 
  5. Make sure employees have something to look forward to.  They’ll be happier and happier when they see a reward coming up.
  6. Pay attention to feedback.  Don’t ignore.

When It Comes To Creating A Work Environment That Is Fun And Productive

How to Create Your Employees Happy – and Productive

  1. Effective leadership. Good leaders know that the key to making the team succeed is to make sure everyone is on the same page and focused on the same goals.  But what does that mean, exactly?  First, leaders need to make sure everyone is clear about the company’s mission and what everyone’s role is in that mission.
  2. A supportive culture. Culture is important in any company.  In fact, new employees can expect a certain culture from their new workplace even if it isn’t spelled out explicitly.  Everyone has their own opinions, tastes, and preferences.
  3. Flexible, open communication. The first step to success is to start with a good relationship at work.  And a good relationship comes from an open line of communication.  The key to keeping a good team is to let them know about your company in their language.  And everyone has a different way of expressing themselves.  Some people may prefer formalities, and some may prefer to be more informal.  So, to find the best way to keep your team happy and productive, you need to find the best way to communicate with them.
  4. Trust. Every organization has its own set of values regarding how its employees should behave.  If you want your employees to trust you, you may want them to feel safe and trust that the organization is doing what is best for the employees and the business.  You may also want them to feel like the organization has a level of confidence and trustworthiness.
  5. Teamwork and collaboration. Every company has to deal with a number of team members.  Those who participate in teamwork tend to be more engaged, productive, and successful in their jobs than those who don’t.  While this could be because they feel they are part of a team, there are many other reasons that might play a role.
  6. An environment that fosters learning and innovation. When you’re running a business, it’s important to keep your employees happy.  One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that your environment fosters learning and innovation.  This means that you should have a culture where employees can take risks and encourage them to try new things.  For example, if you have a social media policy at work, make sure it’s clear that your employees are allowed to use social media in work-related ways.  You should also reward your staff with bonuses and other perks for helping to foster learning and innovation.
  7. A strong sense of purpose. The feeling that we have a strong sense of purpose is one of the strongest drivers of happiness in any aspect of our lives.  The purpose is what pushes us to continue working on a particular project.  It is what makes us get up in the morning.  As entrepreneurs, we know that the feeling of purpose is the most important element that drives motivation.

Keeping a happy workforce is to a successful business.

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