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How to Set and Achieve Your Objectives with OKR Software

Setting and achieving objectives is essential to any organization, yet it can be difficult to do so without having the right tools at your disposal. And if you’re new to the business world, the last thing you will know how […]

Which is the Best Business Model to Follow?

It’s almost impossible to avoid knowledge of the concept of business models. From the perspective of the entrepreneur, it is of prime importance to creating a system that generates profit. Through the recognition of the business model of their own […]

How To Keep Your Employees Happy at Work

Every business wants happy employees.  It keeps them motivated, increases their productivity, and can even improve their work quality.  But what do you do to keep your employees happy at work? Most people are afraid to admit it, but when […]

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Hello and welcome. RCIA Resources started life as a Christian business advice website. However, times change, and so do people’s needs and focus. My name is Len Briggs, and this is the reinvented site, offering advice to everyone.

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I wanted to give people the opportunity to advance their careers without having to risk it all and not have any good advice at all. Entering business is a nerve-wracking thing but if you go about it in the right way then it should pay off.

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