About The Site

RCIA Resources started life as a Christian business advice website. However, times change, and so do people’s needs and focus. I moved myself a little from what I was before and became more involved with my businesses. Whilst I have not lost sight of my faith (and explore it in my own way), being able to open the playing field to other faiths became something I wished to do as a unifying action, especially in the turbulent world we all find ourselves in these days.

And so the site has restarted in a more simple, humble manner. So too have I, in a sense. My name is Len Briggs, I’ve worked in various business sectors all my life, and now I come here again to share what I know. I am blessed enough to have worked with people wise beyond their years and to have learned much from them and their actions. It is only right that I take that knowledge and share it out again.

As for myself outside of work, I’m a family man from a blue collar background, the first in my family to jump the gap to the white collar world. In my downtime I love watching football, talking music with my friends, and going out bowling with the family. These days, I’m not able to do all of these as much as before, so they’re more special when they happen.

All in all, I’m a simple guy, with simple advice. I hope it can help, and that I can be of service.